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Mar 11, 2016
Nikon SDHC Card Deleted Photo Recovery Solution

The storage media used in Nikon digital camera are usually SDHC card (see what's secure digital?). But the memory card is usually so sensitive that even a single improper operation can corrupt it or make the files inaccessible.

You may loss your precious pictures in the following situation and need urgently a Nikon photo recovery help:

1. Switch off your Nikon digital camera when transferring photos to PC.

2. Virus infection when connecting your Nikon camera with your PC.

3. Take pictures with you Nikon when the battery is poor.

4. Deleted some or all of your photos carelessly.

5. Accidentally formatted your SDHC card equipped with Nikon camera.

6. SDHC card errors like Card not initialized, the card is not formatted, would you like to format it now, Card may be damaged, please insert another card.

Nikon SDHC Photo Recovery Solution

Step 1: you have to immediately stop taking more images or other files using the same camera, also avoid using the SDHC card to store more data. Keep the SDHC card safe from any usage in case the deleted photos got overwritten.

Step 2: connect the digital camera (SD card) to your PC or Mac machine. Using a card reader to connect is preferred as this way is much more secure. If the SD can't be detected, change or buy a new card reader from Amazon.

Step 3: free download a free camera data recovery software (see here), install on your computer running Windows or Mac OS X. Note: all programs are top picked and all risk-free as they performs read-only procedure and won't write any data or damage your camera SD card.

Step 4: let the recovery software perform a free scan of your digital camera SD card (which contains deleted photos). Wait a bit while before you can preview those found images even videos and audio files. Then press 'Recover' button to undelete all of them by saving to another destination.

Note: if your photos become inaccessible because of Nikon memory card error, you should take those steps instead. Firstly use the camera photo recovery tool recommended above to rescue photos as many as possible. Then, format the card (using your computer or via your own Nikon camera) and usually this will eliminate the errors. This is not over, please re-use the Nikon Photo Recovery Software to see if you can gain more harvest.

Posted at 06:17 am by selinaw
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Feb 18, 2016
Easy Steps for Sigma SD Card Photo recovery on Mac

As a Mac user, ever deleted a couple of files say photos or videos from your Sigma camera SD card due to human error? Or formatted an SD card inside your Sigma camera without backing up those important data? Lazy people will just stay panic or frustrated about their fault while the wise look for the solution. Here show easy steps to perform Mac SD card recovery for Sigma.

Preparation: you must connect the Sigma SD card to your Mac machine. Using a card reader to load it and insert to the Macintosh is more preferable. But if you do not have a card reader at hand, directly connect the device that contains a SD to the computer is also OK.

To start with, download a free Mac recovery tool on your Mac machine.

Next step, highlight the drive (your SD card shows) and click 'Continue'. When the scanning process has been completed, a list of files will be found.

The last step, select the ones you want then click 'Recover' and save to another drive. It is quite simple!

Note: it is recommended NOT to save more files or damage the card before you use the software to perform recovery. Also remember to save the recovered files to another drive on your Mac. All these are to make the best to avoid data overwritten happening.

Posted at 03:09 am by selinaw
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Aug 11, 2015
Undelete Pictures from Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera

Canon EOS Rebel T3 digital camera is loved by thousands of photographers because it is a perfect tool to capture and store our precious memories. However, more and more users accidentally delete pictures from their Canon cameras and want to find ways to recover photos from Canon. See the Canon EOS picture loss causes:

Accidentally delete ALL pictures instead of those one or two

Format memory card (SD/MMC/CF card) equipped with Canon

Canon EOS Card error or corruption

Transfer data from a Canon Rebel to PC and lost photos

So what should be done ot undelete the pictures or recover the inaccessible photos back? Once delete or format, the first things you can do is STOP writing anything or taking any more photos on it. If you have taken photos on it since, new photos may overwrite the old ones. And this may decrease the chances to undelete!

Download and install a photo recovery utility (totally freeware) on your computer. Connect your Canon (memory card) to your computer as it should appear as a 'Removable Drive'. Then scan and recover the Rebel T3 photos.

Note: DO NOT try & write anything back to the EOS T3 Canon (memory card) until you can retrieve the deleted photos safely!

Posted at 06:07 am by selinaw